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Annual Community Support Campaign

Strengthening Communities Together

The Valley of the Sun YMCA has 26 social service programs in addition to the 283 Youth Development and Healthy Living programs available to all. Thousands of deserving people get a chance to “reach farther” as we say, due to the Valley of the Sun YMCA and its volunteers. Details of all our social services can be found at Social Services.

Please give online to the Metro Association, an individual YMCA Branch, or our Camps – it’s your choice—and help us continue to assist those less fortunate than each of us. Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life . . . it’s amazing what one gift can do. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s important. Thank you.

Annual Community Support Campaign

Most everyone knows the Y as a health & fitness facility, but few know the huge impact our YMCA has on the communities of Greater Phoenix, Flagstaff and Yuma, through its social services and programs. At the YMCA, all are granted access. Financial assistance is available to those who need it.
Did you know we provide at-risk teens with mentors, medical and dental clinics for uninsured children, GED opportunity and job placement for disadvantaged kids, senior shut-in services, assistance for our neighbors who are physically disabled, diabetes prevention programs, weeks at camp for kids who have never left their challenged neighborhoods, child care so parents can work, and so, so much more?

For over 150 years, the programs and services of the Valley of the Sun YMCA has provided the lifesaving, life-changing resources necessary to transform families, personal destinies, and whole communities. For hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, the YMCA is about reaching farther—every day.

The evidence is irrefutable: YMCA Youth Development programs have enabled young people to live healthier lives, learn vital social skills through team sports and camping programs, and embark on productive careers with the educational and vocational enrichment training they receive at the YMCA. Families take advantage of safe and affordable child care… giving them peace-of-mind while they must be away at work. Wellness facilities and programs provide children, youth, adults, and seniors with abundant chances for achieving peak health and fitness. And initiatives meant to uplift and sustain the well-being and security of our community’s most vulnerable citizens drive our historic mission of service to all.

But sustained access can only be ensured when the YMCA receives supporting funding from those who are aligned with this spirit of human benevolence; and who can help provide the necessary financial sustenance required to fulfill these long-held promises to children, families, and communities.

The need is most urgent. The dreams of others—regardless of background or circumstance—are no less important than our own. The welfare of others must always be our concern. As a human family, we can aspire to nothing greater than this.